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Bondassage Expert Los Angeles

Experience a sensory playground with Bondassage & Elysium
Kink done a bit differently.

Are you curious about the world of kink, or perhaps looking for a more sensual BDSM experience? Look no further than Elysium® or Bondassage®! Lucky for you I’m a Bondassage expert in Los Angeles, and I’ve been formally trained and certified in both practices. I would love introducing you to kink and BDSM in the most sensual of ways.


Bondassage® incorporates BDSM elements into the massage experience. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to kink or you’re a long-time kinkster looking for something new, Bondassage® offers you the opportunity to release into sensuality.

You’ll be bound lightly to my ultra-comfortable massage table and blindfolded. Want to experience more sensory deprivation? I can give you ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones. I’ll lead you through various sensation experiences, ranging from light percussive taps from paddles and floggers to the feeling of different textures and temperatures all over your body.

Tease, denial, and edging will bring you to the brink while training you to control your impulses.

Some report the additional sensations that come with Bondassage® make it easier to hold back while others find it far more sensual an experience which makes self-control a bit harder!


Elysium® is the ultimate edging experience. While on my massage table, you’ll be blindfolded and perhaps bound, which ultimately enhances any tactile sensations you’ll experience. My expert hands will bring you to the edge and back over and over again. Prolonging your release is the name of the game— this can help with prematurely finishing as well as ED.

Once I do finally allow you to release, you’ll be left exhausted yet exhilarated! Good sleep is often a side-effect of this sort of session, so be prepared for some of the best rest of your life once you get to bed. 😉

Whether you choose Elysium® or Bondassage® you’ll be gently and sensually lead through your experience by my expertly trained hands and creative, kinky mind! Should you be wanting to explore even further, we can incorporate prostate massage or strap-on into your experience.

Have questions about Bondassage® & Elysium® in Los Angeles?

If you’re not ready for bondage or more BDSM-themes but still want to explore giving up control, Elysium® is the experience for you! Elysium is focused on deep relaxation and very slowly building up before release.

Technically no, you don’t, but that kind-of defeats the purpose of experiencing Bondassage® or Elysium®. We can certainly go over your limits and concerns prior to starting, but I’d ask that you trust me. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years, and I take a lot of pride in my abilities.

No. Pain is not a part of either of these experiences. You may feel sensation that’s a bit more intense or sensation that you’re not used to, but you’ll never be in pain.

Well, considering that you’re bound to my table for Bondassage®, you won’t be able to touch me.

You won’t be able to touch me during an Elysium® experience either- that’s not the point. The point is to lie back, relax, and leave your body in my capable hands.

I only use unscented products and lotions during our time together. There will always be a shower for you to use both pre- and post-massage as well!

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