Erin Black Has a Fetish

Chicago's Premiere Strap-on, Pegging, Fisting, and Anal Play Expert.

NYC Chicago Strap-On Expert

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I want you to think about the first time you realized your desires are different.

NYC Chicago Strap-On Expert

The moment you realized that “ordinary” wasn’t a word that would ever describe your passions, wants, and tastes. Those desires that quicken your pulse, redden your cheeks, and dilate your pupils, among other things— I know them well. I share in your proclivities, but from the opposite side of the spectrum, you see.

I’ve been pursuing my dominant tendencies since the tender age of 18, and decided to pursue pleasure professionally as a Mistress and Dominatrix starting at at the end of my 26th year. You might say my desires have become more specific as I’ve aged, and I have a feeling yours may have as well. It’s how I became a strap-on, pegging, and anal play expert.

It can be difficult to find the time and space to indulge ourselves in what we need the most. To indulge in those outlets that keep us balanced and allow our personal pressure valves to be released. I’d guess you’re so driven in other areas of life that you often neglect to carve out space and time for yourself and your desires. The ache you feel from not having what you so clearly need gets overwhelming, doesn’t it? The sweet relief that comes from not having control for some; the excitement in having a play partner who doesn’t have to feign interest for others.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to cultivate relationships where you can openly express yourself and ask for what you so desperately crave. It’s hard to be vulnerable with those who may not be interested, and sometimes terrifying to reveal your deepest, most taboo desires to those closest to you.
Perhaps your home life is in most ways wonderful, but you can’t seem to scratch this particular itch within those confines. Maybe you keep these desires a secret for yourself, and can only indulge them separately.

If I’ve struck a chord or hit a nerve, then you’ve found yourself in the right place.
After a few years of being a professional mistress and dominatrix, I ventured to bend the definition of what it meant to be dominant. I never truly identified as a dominatrix— it’s a word that was often too loaded with formality for my tastes.

What I am is a Top, a Fetishist, a strap-on, anal play, and pegging expert. I’m an indulgent BBW hedonist who loves to have her body worshiped in all the ways you want to worship. What this means for you is that I’m playfully and powerfully in charge, and know exactly what it takes to push you over pleasure’s edge.

Whether you’re a novice who’s just learned the pleasures of anal play, a fellow hedonist who loves to be overtaken by a powerful and creative woman,  an expert who can take even the biggest Bad Dragon toys,  I’m here to help you explore, push your boundaries.

Discover what lies on the other side of your edge.

NYC Chicago Strap-On Expert

Let's Indulge Our Fetishes, Together.

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