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There’s honestly little that excites me like the prospect of meeting a new lover. What kind of person will they be? How will we connect during our time together?

I love being with gregarious, caring, kind, and friendly people who aren’t afraid to show who they really are during our time together. When we start with trust as the foundation for our time together, it’s so much easier to connect. I appreciate that you’re willing to trust me, and the chemistry we’ll have together will show that I’m present and trusting too.

Spending time together in a dimly lit bar, exchanging glances over a bottle of wine and dinner is always such a great way to get to know each other. Taking our time to slowly unfurl rather than rushing to beat the clock is always my preferred place to start.

Why rush such a luxury?

It’s so rare that we have the chance to connect, let alone face-to-face. The last thing I want to do is feel rushed. Not to mention the slow, smoldering build of chemistry and tension makes for explosive energy behind closed doors. Don’t you agree?

While I do offer shorter dates for when life simply won’t allow us to linger, it’s much more fun to save those shorter trysts for in-between longer liaisons.

I value exploration and connection, and I hope to impart those values into our time together. I take extra care into making sure our date is curated just for us, leaving you feeling well taken care of and wanting to see me time and again!

I don’t think of first-time dates as one-offs. I think of them as the start of a relationship that will build and get better with time. I’m far more of a long-term lover than a one-time fling, personally, and it’s always extra fun for me when folks I’ve been seeing for years finally decide to take the plunge into more intimate and connected experiences!

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